Our Audience


Reach an audience who are investing big in their lives.
Our audience is an optimistic tribe aspiring for the new Australian dream. Anyone that is looking to step up, upgrade or expand. They are well educated but still seek advice.

Common Audience Traits
Seek advice and guidance | Transitional stage in life | Well educated | Demand quality and value | Aspirational | Tech savvy

45% of consumers visit their homemaker centre every month
38% of consumers visit their homemaker centre every quarter

Every audience is looking to step up, upgrade or expand. Every audience has a belief in a true strategic partner.

Audience Profiles

Young couple preparing food

“When my home looks good, I feel good, and am proud to have friends and family around.”

Young Couple
Approx 28-33

Setting Up for Firsts
First home or unit
Big career goals
Works hard for financial security
Uses latest in technology

Home entertaining with friends
Future family – setting up nursery
Technology in the home

Established family at home

“With busy lives, staying at home is a luxury. It’s so nice.”

Established Family
Approx 33-39

Mid-life Households
Proud of their home
Multi-taskers, open to changes
Financially mindful. Investing in future.
Confident in their lives and what the future holds

Kids – outdoor & indoor toys and activities
Entertaining with like minded friends/family
Easy living – Kitchen / Bathroom / Laundry
Technology & entertainment in the home

Experienced homemakers in front of their home

“With the kids gone, we can afford for our home to be a bit more luxurious.”

Experienced Homemaker
Approx 50+

Just Retired
Older, well educated couples
Mortgage paid (or close to) – No longer working full time
Seeking quality, comfort & leisure
Disposable income for some indulgences

Entertaining friends & older children with their family
Luxury – heated floors, walk in robes & furnishings
Technology – staying connected with family

Shop, Eat, Play, Visit

Connecting Communities


Our spaces are as diverse as our customers… and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We bring together Home, Lifestyle, Food and Health & Wellbeing, creating community hubs that are so much more than just a shopping destination.

Whether our customers are taking advantage of the free activities & events for kids, participating in charity programs to support local causes, or simply joining the Weekday Walkers Club to get active and meet new friends, there’s always a reason to Shop, Eat, Play and Visit.

Our centres offer your brand a platform to be heard… an opportunity to reach your customers directly.


Customers exiting SuperCentre

Super centre

Our largest internal centres, positioned along the eastern side of Australia amongst metro locations.

Exterior Aventus centre


Our medium outdoor centres, located in the outer edge metro areas of major cities.

Exterior Aventus centre


Our concise outdoor centres servicing our regional locations around Australia.

20 home and lifestyle retail destinations
66% retailers in the household goods category
557 stores across our centres
92% tour centres on the east coast of Australia
87% of our retailers are national brands
43% coverage of the Sydney catchment area

20 centres across Australia

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Our Retail Mix


Our diverse range of retailers ensures that each centres is a one-stop-shop for visitors to update & improve their home. We know our customers are looking to make positive changes to the space they live in, and we thrive on facilitating that transformation in the most helpful and holistic way possible.


We truly believe that home is where the heart is. So whether our customer is renovating a house themselves, baby-proofing their first rental apartment, decorating an investment property, or simply looking for ideas and inspriration, we’ve got exactly what they need to fill their space with warmth & style. Retailers include JB HiFi, Adairs, Baby Bunting, Spotlight, and Petstock


We don’t want our customers to ‘shop until they drop’ – we want them to refuel and enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many cafes or restaurants available, or simply rekax and take a break with a rich, creamy coffee and a magazine. Retailers include esteemed locals such as The Flavour Mill and Bare Bones Society, deluxe food court options such as Choice Sushi and The Coffee Club, and familiar family favourites like Subway and KFC.


Our customers are our priority, and we’re passionate about making their visit as useful and productive as possible. Many of our centres conveniently offer an array of health services and retailers, including medical, dental, pathology, physiotherapy, yoga, pilates, and fitness as well as pharmacies and chemists. Retailers include Chemist Warehouse, Planet Fitness, Bonfire Hot Yoga, and Fernwood Fitness.


Our unique service for media & advertising solutions

Aventus Digital Media

Digital Media

Email newsletters, Wifi sponsorship, website content, featured news posts and featured offer posts.

Aventus Social


Promoted posts on Facebook and Instagram

Aventus Site Activation

Site Activation

Visual merchandising including stages or pods and casual mall leasing opportunities

Aventus In Centre Media

In Centre Media

Door decals, signage, carpark column wraps, pylon signs, atrium Banners, escalator signage, digital media and experiential.

Aventus Print Media

Print Media

Promote your brand to a highly engaged audience in our high quality B2B and B2C print publications

Aventus Sponsorship


Parents rooms, food court areas, kids club and seasonal based event opportunities


Kids Cove Case Study

Kids Cove Early Learning Centre

Branding Method: Sponsorship
Business Type: Lifestyle

Robert has worked with Aventus to grow a successful sponsorship that gives not only exposure to his target audience he’s trying to reach, but also offers great engagement with them.

“By integrating with digital and social touchpoints with the centre, we’re able to really demonstrate the services we can offer. It’s a great long term relationship that’s helping us build our brand. Our sponsorship with Aventus helps grow our business and reach potential customers in a way we never could have before.”

Robert Rezk, Managing Director

Blind Motion Case Study

Blind Motion

Branding Method: Site Activation
Business Type: Home

“Being located in a large format retail centre, gives us a physical presence in an area which we could not reach on our own. It’s a casual mall leasing spot and reduces our costs – since we’ve been here, it has certainly paid its own way. We are reaching the right people, when they are ready to shop. The quality of leads we receive are high – which is exactly what we need. The people who go there are serious shoppers.

The space has become an integral part of our marketing strategy and it contributes significantly to our overall sales. Aventus are supportive and keep us informed of what’s happening in and around the centre and are very easy to deal with. We feel like it’s a real partnership for our business.”

Phil Barnett, Sales Manager

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